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Mickey is an athletic 19-year-old lad with a passion for football, who hopes to become a professional player one day, and so he spends a lot of time training. Today he’s in for a spanking casting, confident that he’ll endure it all pretty easily, thanks to having been punished by his very own dad multiple times. Shortly after, once chosen the first impact tool – a good old leather paddle – the young man immediately gets harshly spanked with it, first on his tracksuit trousers, then on his boxer shorts and eventually on his bare buttocks.


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After the firm and relentless paddling, a series of resounding hand spanks immediately follows, making Mickey’s young and toned arse blush of vivid red. Realising there’s still a long way to go into the casting, the boy seems now a little tense. Though, if he wants the part, now it’s the time to show how strong he can be. After getting completely naked, he chooses a double leather strap and hands it to Master.

Standing with his hands behind the head, Mickey is severely strapped with the chosen tool and spanked by hand.

Mickey is laid down on the coffee table and is spanked hard again, with a short leather strap first, followed by painful hand spankings that the boy seems to take very well, though.

Now it’s time to raise the bar and so it’s Master who decides what tool will be used next; and to test the boy’s endurance level, he picks up the innocent-looking wooden hairbrush. To Master’s great satisfaction, the boy confirms he had never been spanked so hard in his life as today, which adds to the content of having seen the boy taking it up like a real man.

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