Spanking Boys EU: Christmas Genga

ANGEL DARK Genga Spanking (part 1)

It is a few days before Christmas and Angel is in dire need of some money to get his girlfriend a gift, and so he appeals to the master for help. The master agrees to help him with some money, but rather than have him pay it back he prefers for Angel to earn the money, and so proposes to Angel for him to test out his decision making skills and his hand to eye coordination by competing in a game Jenga.

With each of them removing blocks from a tower without causing it to collapse, and the one who causes the tower to collapse gets fined. When the master loses he will pay his fine with money, while if Angel loses he will be spanked by his master as his fine, and in these cases Angel will have to choose a playing card that determines the instrument with which he will receive the spanking.


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Some instruments are not so painful while others are very painful, with a second card chosen at random Angel will get to determine the number of hand spankings the master will give following the spanking with the instrument. Of course there is the rare possibility of Angel drawing a joker, in this case the hand spanking will be replaced with the instrument already chosen, but with the amount doubled. Angel decides to try his luck with the hope he can easily win some money, but conversely it might also earn him a series of good hard spankings.




The game is real, so he stands to win himself some good money or some real hard spankings. Watch enjoy and Merry Christmas to all.


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Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones
2 years ago

Ok, that looks like an awesome video!

I have something else I would like to ask though.I am trying to track down some jonathan spanking art that featured the Grinch spanking a young postman who is trying to deliver letters to Santa.Any help would be greatly appreciated