Spanking : Angel Dark – Genga Spanking

ANGEL DARK Genga Spanking
(Full Version)

It is a few days before Christmas and Angel is in dire need of some money to get his girlfriend a gift, and so he appeals to the master for help. The master agrees to help him with some money, but rather than have him pay it back he prefers for Angel to earn the money, and so proposes to Angel for him to test out his decision-making skills and his hand to eye coordination by competing in a game Jenga. With the one who causes the tower to collapse getting fined. When the master loses, he will pay his fine with money, while if Angel loses, he will be spanked by his master as his fine, a playing card choice determines the instrument with which Angel will receive the spanking and a second card the amount. The game goes round after round each seeming to earn Angel more spankings than money, but maybe he will get lucky soon.



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