Spanking at East Europe Boys (Part 2 of 2)

The second three of six video clips from regular contributor East Europe boys at

Spanking Boys Video

Spanking: Vito Marciano (Full Version)

Vito is a new 19 year old guy, indeed, to be precise, there are still three weeks left on his 19th birthday, he is nervous and frightened, but silently resigned to his fate, and so he to submit meekly to his first punishment with this master, with vigorous and painful Spanking with a leather strap and by hand over master’s knee. Then the master orders Vito to show his muscles at work, so he must perform physical exercises, with two-handed and one-handed push ups. Then he is punished with the leather paddle with his legs in the air, on the buttocks, and on his sensitive anus. The master Spanking Vito again and again. The young lad looks like he was struggling to control his emotions, looking angry and resentful as he grunted, moaned and struggled in pain and shame .



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Spanking Boys EU


Spanking Boys Video


0194 army (Part 4)

After an inspection, the new recruit Vito, continues to submit to his punishment with more a vigorous and painful Spanking. first with wooden paddle then after by hand. Vito is suffering this punishment, it’s a big challenge for him, which he passes like a real man.








Roman is sentenced to a long and lasting punishment. After being stripped, his feet are tied to the bed, and severely punished with the cane on the soles of the feet (bastinado), then on the bare ass. Then the master continues with a new punishment session for Roman. Roman is still tied to the bed by his feet and severely punished with the riding crop on the soles of the feet, then on the bare ass