Spanking at East Europe Boys (Part 1 of 2)

The first three of sixSpanking video clips from regular contributor East Europe boys at Spanking Boys Video


Johnny is the servant boy of the master’s house, he washes, cleans and cooks, etc.. But when he angers the Master, for instance, because the kitchen is not clean and in good order, Johnny is severely punished, with the wooden spoon, first on his jeans, then his boxers and lastly bare butt. Then followed by a vigorous hand Spanking, while his balls are squeezed .



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College: Johnny in the Tub (Part 2)

Johnny returns from a soccer game, all sweaty and dirty. Johnny plans to have a shower later, but the master wants to take him a bath right away. In amazement, Johnny is washed by the master and spanked with a wooden brush and by hand, between one soaped cheek  and another .







Training: Nick Vargas (Full Version)

James introduces his muscular and athletic friend to the Master for a video training spanking. After a brief interview James chooses for him two punishment tools, Nick has to submit to a training punishment for the first time. Nick is spanked with a leather strap and he then receives a vigorous and painful Spanking by hand over the master’s knee. Then Nick, continues to submit to his first ever training punishment with more a vigorous and painful Spanking. first with wooden paddle then after by hand over the master’s knee. Nick is suffering this punishment, sometimes calm, sometimes shouting – it’s a big challenge for him, which he passes like a real man. Then Nick perform physical exercises .






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    He is rightfully proud of his body…he’s well fit