Spanking Army Boys: Soldier Pepa

0209 Army – Soldier Pepa

Pepa is a recruit and being new, the marshal gives him his new uniform and in delivering it reminds him of the rules, including those of taking care of the uniform. If the uniform is lost or damaged Pepa will have to undergo a severe corporal punishment. Next to the amazement of Pepa the marshal tells him that he wants to give him a good training spanking immediately as a welcome to the army. Pepa knows there is no escaping it, he knows he must demonstrate that he has the courage to face a good spanking like a real man to be a good soldier. Pepa is severely strapped with a leather strap, canned on his chest, receives a whipping on his back, ass, and chest, as well as these all being interspersed with loads of hardy hand spankings.


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