Spanking Army Boys: 220 Army (Moonie)

0220 army
Moonie is a new 23-year-old recruit assigned as an attendant to the NCO’s service. Upon his return home, the NCO is tired from a workday at the camp and needs to relax. Mooney is visibly nervous, even before the NCO asks him to sort a pain tool from the drawer: Moonie gets severely spanked with a double leather strap and then by hand. After taking off his underwear, the attendant gets severely spanked on his ass and asshole with a very painful wooden paddle, while every now and then the NCO holds him by the balls.

As the session goes on, the boy is severely spanked with a hard wooden bath brush and then by hand, moaning at every single strike he gets. Moonie is then punished with a wooden hairbrush and thru some sound spanking by hand, while in an awkward and humiliating position: with his legs pulled up, the NCO holds him still with his balls pulled while being spanked. Once the session is over, the cadet can resume the interrupted cleaning session but remaining naked.


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