Spanked by Dad for getting caned at School!

Karl is not having a good day. He was bunking class and was caught kissing a girl behind the bike sheds! The headmaster took a very dim view on this behaviour and Karl was summoned to the headmasters office where he received 12 from the cane!

This action in this scene starts later in the day when 18 year old Karl gets home from school. Feeling very sorry for himself, he gets undressed and into bed

His bottom still has some really nasty stripes from when he got caned earlier and he spends some time trying to soothe and rub his sore cheeks better!

Karl switches the light off and is ready to get some sleep when his very angry father bursts into the bedroom! Dad has just taken a phone call from the headmaster and has heard all about Karl’s shameful behaviour!

Dad insists on inspecting the damage inflicted on Karl’s bottom from the headmasters cane! even though it is clear that Karl has already been severely punished, Dad is still not satisfied. As far as he is concerned it his job to punish his son! No matter how much Karl protests, he finds himself over his Dad’s knees and getting his already painful bottom soundly spanked and slippered!

There is no hiding by Karl’s facial reactions how much this is truly hurting!

3 Responses to Spanked by Dad for getting caned at School!

  1. Karl is as adorable as ever. Great, traditional, dad/son, OTK scene. Totally recommended. Thanks, Mr. X. And it’s great to be able to buy the videos from your website so you and the models see more of the money. Keep up the great work.

  2. Hey Matt! Glad you enjoyed this one… I must admit, I was really pleased with how the father/son stuff came out in this movie. I thought Karl was excellent in it!

  3. Sting’s David got caned on the bare at school and
    then got the strap on his stripped ass at home; a common
    occurance for me, hehehehehehehehehe