SpankChicosmalos: Student Grades

SpankChicosmalos: Student Grades

Summer vacations begin, but first the school year ends, and it’s time to know your grades. Sergio, the new bad boy, has failed all his subjects. He now has to suffer the consequences. His soft ass receives a well-deserved and humiliating punishment.

Empiezan las vacaciones de verano, pero antes termina el curso escolar y viene el momento de saber las notas. Sergio, el nuevo chico malo ha suspendido todas las asignaturas. Ahora le toca sufrir las consecuencias. Su suave culo recibe un merecido y humillante castigo.



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One Response to SpankChicosmalos: Student Grades

  1. Avatar Fastifex
    Fastifex says:

    Shameless scallywag Sergio had enjoyed the best year of his ‘scholastic’ life: his frightfully-firm, foppish-filial-fanny-frockless-flailing-fond father, who surely savoured to strip and spank such sassy, sinful, shapely sonny-boy soundly to severely, so often both lost count every term, was so content with promising puerile progress from C- to B-student last (his penultimate high-school) year, that strict Sir stupidly supposed his numbskull knave had finally seen the light and left him stay with a neighbour friend, father of Sergio’s A-graded class buddy Felipe, while Sir spent the year abroad as guest professor. Model-behaved only child Felipe never needed to be punished properly-painfully, so his father had no experience at enforcing eerily-exposed-endurances, and even believed Sergio’s claim he usually only got a lecture climaxing in a kick in the pants, or in extreme cases went fully-dressed OTK for a mere dozen, so his rascal rear remained remarkably sitting-comfortable all year, while his grades kept plummeting pretty perniciously per practically-posterior-painfree permissiveness.
    Just home, father learns of the nightmare list of exams to do over in September, and scolds his fooled friend a full failure as delegated caregiver, who allows him to give ‘fiendish cahoot’ Felipe the first frockless fanny-flogging of his life, indeed having kept suspiciously silent about the countless cases of crimson-cuts-coverage of his cutie-class-comrade’s cones in the school shower the previous years, utterly useful upending for pa to blow off some steam before starting on stupid Sergio’s surely-scary stripping and savage spanking sessions series, as Sir needs to knock enough scorched-squirt-seat-stirred sense again into his tough-tanned teen tail without causing irreparable damage to the double-doleful-defrocked-derriere-discipline-doomed dumbo. Realizing coaching the cur to catch-up with a largely-wasted schoolyear is too colossal a challenge even for a professor pa, Sir decides to give Sergio a ‘symbolical’ taste of the BA OTK he should have had as about daily due deserts at Felipe’s, while promising a way worse summer: pa will hire ten specialist tutors for all subjects beside his own science, history: fresh all-AAs-graduates seeking summer jobs to afford fun this last summer before studying their smart scholarship-selected tails off at college, extra-easy to recruit as the bonus is the right to spank Sergio’s stripped seat, with male mates audience, also as they see fit, either for their own pleasure or selling that somewhat sadistic spankophile show-off-part to macho silver spoon (future) frat-boys seeking puerile practice-subjects for heathenishly-hot hidings at hell-week, which those themselves can bribe softy sufferings for.
    Even better, or worse woe for the wayward wanton whippersnapper, who wouldn’t work well-enough for good grades: furiously-fulminating father will find out which frat senior enjoyed ‘helping’ hard-handedly hazing his humble-hound hottie most and have him pay Sergio’s college fees and boarder-expenses to become his paddle-happy-frat big brother with recommended loco-parentis privilege to pants and purple-pain his pledge-posterior pitilessly for plenty of peccadilloes after any alumni-arranged test grade -weekly for each course- under A until he gets straight AAs again. He’ll also ‘gratefully volunteer’ for the frat’s Greek week spanking booths, and be available as ‘memorable spanking reenactments’ victim at the alumni reunions of the test examinators, from all assessors’ different frats.
    Sergio shall surely soon start sighing, sadly sorry and seriously-sorer-spanked, the smarter choice had been to sweetly suggest submitting to Felipe’s sire sine sadist-streak soundly spanking him enough to stay at least a B-student, instead of stupidly setting-up himself to suffer sixfold that schoolyear’s supposed stern-swatting-total every month, sentenced to slavishly submit to scores of stripping and spankings from sadistic students and alumini, all avid to attend or administer as amply as aptly abundant agony to his angelic adolescent arse again and again all-year, having got a temped taste for it at hell-week or alumni-reunion, and as other pledges are almost safe thereafter, come cue-up to find the frockless-fanny-flogging-fun furthered at bloody big brother’s bidding. He’ll be praying primarily to be permitted enough time to study for passing grades (on his knees, he’ll barely remember sitting, except as cruel spanking-twist; teaching staff never minds kneeling pledges, although some savour seizing the opportunity to soundly smack simmering student-seats, specially sightly squirts like Sergio, acting as alumni) or pride-hurt professorial pa will pitilessly put his poor puppy through this hellishly-hot study-tutored summer and even hotter-hit pledge-year all-over, with a week-long woodshed ‘warm up whipping’ at home …