Spankchicosmalos: Scam With Consequences – Part 2

Spankchicosmalos: Scam With Consequences – Part 2

Álex’s punishment for having scamed men continues. The masked vigilante ties his legs to his arms. And it increases the humiliation of the lesson Alex will learn. Also grabbing his private parts in addition to a spanking session.

Continúa el castigo a Álex por haber estafado a hombres. El justiciero enmascarado le ata las piernas a los brazos. Y aumenta la humillación de la lección que Alex aprenderá. También agarrando sus partes íntimas además de una sesión de azotes.



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One Response to Spankchicosmalos: Scam With Consequences – Part 2

  1. Avatar Fastifex
    Fastifex says:

    After the creepy vigilante visited whip-wielding, and gave him a week-short ultimatum to pay up in full, financially hopeless Alex was desperate, feeling he was paying dearly with his agonizingly-abused arse ad-lib for his only shot at an academically-grounded future he would still loose innocently, reverting from this alien abusive hell-hound to his horrible home-hider. Thus it was a real, revitalizing relief when the masked martyrer made a more moderate, maybe marvellous message: the poor college has entered an exchange program, coordinated and financially favoured by an international Catholic colleges-connected Latin lads & – languages/lands … studies students frat, which offers substantial stipends to ‘challenged students’, and they are prepared to pay off his debts and put up his future fees if he becomes a permanent pledge, with his personal sponsor as big brother on this campus, whom he follows on exchanges all over Iberia and the Latin world, as perfect prop patient for plenty of plus-hazing demo – and hazer-test sessions, so his always-agony-available arse will be way worse off, but(t) literally paying for his future as globally-glorious-globes-gruelled graduate.
    His and poor peers’ welfare will be kept a close eye on by chaplains annex confessional fathers, who will in each college attentively ascertain his angelic-adolescent-arse-agony-affection at-large naked OTK, already in position for plenty of perfectly-perilously-presented-penitent-pounding by padre-paddle, see to medical care when needed. Learning his vigilante treatment shall serve as sufficient spankee-training for the program, he starts to think of the tall-towering tail-terrorist as the Coco (a Spanish Krampus-like bogeyman), whose wickedly-well-wielded-whip warms him up with worshipfulness-waking wheals for Christmas, birthday-spanking … at his atrocious avuncular-guardian Angel Attila’s home, a painful price his puerile posterior paid piously for petty presents, presently promising to pay-off a proper professional perspective.
    The vigilante mistakes his tears for sissiness, it’s actually happiness and gratitude: he finally knows and feels in front and fanny a fine, fairer future is to be found for the frequently filial-fanny-for-flogger-fun-flailed fine fellow, further feeling flogging as frat-fun is far fairer and funnier than a ferociously-flailing-fond father-figure’s foppish furies felt far too frequently, ‘forever’. Bring it on, big brothers: bare and beat his beaut-brat-butt bountifully to begin bringing ‘bout a better beyond-blunt-brutalizing for the butt-blazed brainiac boy, becoming a big boss who berates, bares and beats bumblers for the best becomes a believable best-still-to-come.