Spankchicosmalos: Plumber Corrected

Spankchicosmalos: Plumber Corrected

Daring plumber tries to charge more money than agreed. He thought he could get some extra money for the Christmas holidays, but it’s his ass that gets paid, with a good spanking. He gets a good incentive to do the agreed job with his ass on fire.

Fontanero atrevido intenta cobrar más dinero del acordado. Pensó que podria sacar un dinero extra para las fiestas navideñas, pero es su culo el que recibe el pago, con una buena azotaina. Recibe un buen incentivo para cumplir el trabajo acordado con su culo ardiendo.

大胆的水管工试图收取比约定的更多的钱。 他以为他可以在圣诞假期得到一些额外的钱,但得到报酬的是他的屁股,而且是一顿痛打。 他得到了很好的动力去完成约定的工作


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  1. Perky plebeian pledge-puppy Zeus’s ‘poor but(t) proud’ Purple-Pi-frat perpetuates the pragmatical practice of presenting practical, pledge-provided presents to the proper, pertinently-paternalistic persons, including academic authorities, alumni, other ‘purple premium’ sponsors and even each frat-boy’s (penniless) father or guardian: on various occasions, including Christmas, Easter, college’s dies natalis, frat-own founding feast, Greek Games and each Sir’s birthday, at least one pledge is sent over, then or on an agreed alternative day, to beg on his knees, big bro’s frat-paddle on his bent back (when a specific knave is requested, having pleased that Sir earlier, up his crack all-on-ankles), how he may please good Sir by any chores or humble services and ‘proudly hope’ it may please Sir to spank his humble-hound-hide hard ad lib, rather than refuse to ‘spend pennies to the poor frat’ as generous tip. The knaves never mind working their tails off or having them tender-tanned (trousers-down, pretty please: textile is expensive, unlike naked nates, which feel just like CP home, except for the frat-paddle, proud symbol of the coveted Anglo-Saxon ‘promised land’ customs, contrary to switch-rods and pervertibles) at will, all being Latino ‘low-life loutish lads’ from penniless immigrant families on precarious, meagre scholarships without allowances from home, the whole frat utterly depends on charity and favours from authorities granting ‘mates rates’ -especially the symbolical frat-house rent- in exchange for various services in kind all over campus, generally free labour, also from the seniors and sometimes (skilled) kinsmen.
    After his first assignment to the college chaplain, he had been paddled through the ranks tenfold (instead of once, routine when under average at any assignment or test) for bringing back the lowest tip, his big brother twice (a rare pledges-present pants-down humiliation for a Senior) for failing to instruct him: the cleric gives generously to a handsome humble-hound like Zeus, but(t) only after hiding him hard on the bare, which on principal he only does if somehow ‘offended’, so he can teach the long-lectured ‘lewd lout’ a lividly-licked life-lesson, performing the chores is the easy part, the point is pleasing him as purposely-provoked pantless-posterior-pink-to-pain-purple-pounding punishment, preferably being reserved for the next round on account of providing particular pleasure.
    This time, he can proudly present pants-down to the Purple-Pi-president his profoundly-purple-pained pledge-posterior and a praised pecuniary premium, proving his plumber-performance pays properly-plus, earning him the privilege to partake in paddling his poorly-paid pledge-peers presently, and a pantsing-for-petty-premium-permitted place in the paying public paddle-booth at Greek Games, probably producing plenty of ‘pennies and pounds’, the perfect pricey prize to be praised and perhaps promoted post-pledge year, as privileged Purple-Pi-posts are assigned to premium-earning Seniors by co-optation, which looks even more likely as he’s transferred from his original, mediocre big bro -now proven a sub-standard mentor, hence given a shrimp pledge instead- to the paddle-happy paymaster, promising plenty of perfectly-purposeless, on top of pitiless punitive pounding to point of peccadilloes, pantsing and posterior-purple-paining ‘paddle-practice’, particularly in the pleasured presence of partaking pledgers, permitted to pray politely they peek at and play with his privacy-privated-private-parts at pleasure, turning into their thrall-twink- two-tails-toy-teen to enjoy to their tastes, just like the president’s and the pledge-master’s personal pledge-charges, ‘painfully privileged’ pledge-positions most plausible to be promoted from, provided good grades and earnings continue, otherwise they’ll pay for it with their abject ass-arses in additional anal-area-attribute-applying-agony again and again.
    Zeus’ peculiar plumber-crack particularly pleasing his president’s pack, it’s prescribed permanently as his proper pants plus-size, prohibiting peeking-protective underwear, keeping him jock-strapped as reward (rarely) or (commonly) commando after CP. While he enjoys the cool breeze both in warm months and after spankings (i.e. almost constantly), which actually alleviate the associated chill in wintery months, it gives the frat officials ever warmer feelings for him, resulting in more frequent orders to ‘drop trou’ and ‘get over’, more swats but(t) less lash-force, they learn to enjoy ‘draping’ his delicious defrocked derriere over their laps for daily ‘due deserts’, which he eagerly provides on petty peccadillo-pretexts permitting plus-pleasantly-petty perfectly-perilously-presented perky-pledge-posterior-pounding or -patting, to preceptor’s personal pleasure, the (pretence-)penitent puerile puppy purring his petty pain provides plenty of personality-pleasing, promoting his prospects of post-pledge-year promotion to a post as privileged pledge-punisher, privately promising to protract as practically-peer the pretence-penitence-play for pure-pleasure-pantless-patting on plumber’s crack and private-parts-privacy-privated-posterior-pounding by the president, pink-only, also as playful private prelude to proper-punitive pledge-posterior-purple-paining, as pleasantly-proud pinnacle of his present propitiously-progressive pledge-to-privileged-program.