SpankChicosmalos: LAZY STUDENTS – PART 2

SpankChicosmalos: LAZY STUDENTS – PART 2

Alex and Mateo thought that their punishment for skipping classes was over after a spanking over the knee. But it only gets worse. Both of them are spanked at the same time. First in all fours, where the more intimate parts of their body can be seen, and then laying down with their legs up. Both of them are ashamed, have a sore bottom and have learned their lesson. They have learned how to be responsible students but they might forget it once their bottoms are no longer red.

Alex y Mateo creyeron que su castigo por no ir al instituto había terminado con una dosis de disciplina sobre la rodilla. Queda la mejor parte, donde ambos son azotados a la vez, primero a cuatro patas, pudiendo ver las partes más íntimas de su cuerpo y por último tumbados piernas arriba. Ambos avergonzados y con sus bonitos culos doloridos han aprendido a ser alumnos responsables o quizás lo vuelvan a olvidar cuando sus culos se recuperen

亚历克斯和马特奥认为,他们对不上学的惩罚已经以膝盖上的纪律结束了。 最精彩的部分仍然是,他们同时被打屁股,首先是四肢着地,能够看到他们身体最私密的部位,最后是翘起双腿躺在地上。 既尴尬又屁股酸痛的学生已经学会了负责任的学生,或者也许当他们的屁股恢复时他们会再次忘记它


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3 Responses to SpankChicosmalos: LAZY STUDENTS – PART 2

  1. The best way to spank a bad boy other then over the knee is with his legs up×426.jpg it’s a very intimate and embarrassing position and almost impossible for the spankee to remain any privacy as it’s all on display and he also gets to watch every spank while in this humiliating set-up. I personally love it It’s an endeavour of everything ass, balls, feet all in one beautiful display!

  2. The nasty-naked-nates- naughtiness-nurture-needy knaves now naturally hoped to be swiftly scolding-sent back to class and sorely-scarlet-spanked sit-out the senseless session sorely seat-shifting, but(t) alas for them, the strict staffer spotting them in between classes had an hour to kill and a true taste for trouserless-teen-twink-tail-torment, so he decided to properly practice his powerful punisher-paw at pitiless pitifully-pantless-perilously-presented-perky-pupil-posteriors-purple-paining punishment-procedure, pleasantly preparing a possible promotion to principal ad-interim.
    The sports-racket scarily-spankophile Sir carried for a match after school was promptly promoted with pleasuring purpose as “pervertible” to perversely-punisher-pleasing puerile-posterior-pink-to-pain-purple-pounding-prop, performing perfectly to his pleasure and the pups’ piercing pain, proving player-paw-power probably promising play-pleasure too. Pitifully for the painfully-purple-pounding-punished pair, the prospective principal pitilessly plans to proudly present their perfectly-perilously-presented pantless posteriors pretty publicly, posting them prominently private-parts-privacy-privated for passing pupils to peek at, personnel to pop-by pinching and patting the puppies plentifully as they please.
    The present principal partakes in the predatory public-pleasuring by prolonging their ‘perilous presentation’ all day, till detention, where they will still pay again with another abject-ass-arses-affliction, abundant apt-attribute-application-agony for more missed classes, each of those teachers will receive the popular pervertible to pants and pound them at pleasure all breaks before, in between or after the next of said classes, permitting their puerile peers’ presence as presumably about all already peeked at those purple-pained posteriors previously.
    Everybody realizes it’s not fair to full-force fanny-flail the pittiful puerile pair so pitilessly-plentifully and particularly-publicly further for ‘truancy’ out of their control while they are already being bare-bottom-blistered, but(t) after a period of generally laxer discipline, when experimental alternatives to full-force CP proved themselves way inferior to total-tractability-teaching time-honoured techniques of teen-tail-torment terrorizing to true tears, senior staff applauds the potential principal reading the riot-act ruthlessly returning to the regime-respect-restoration-reaping reliable rigidity of required-ruefulness-reinforcing red-raw-rascal-rear-ravaging.
    However hard the howling haphazard humblehounds’ helplessly-heightened hinies hurt hell-hot-heated here, hour after horrible hour, having a single schoolday to half-heal before heading home, horrendously the worst awaits them only there: noticing Mateo’s father just subscribed to the school-spankings-SMS-service, the principal informed him the knave earned several severe ones as Alex’s partner in crime, inspiration enough to call this cahoot’s father and agree to take turns in toughest follow-up home-CP for the lined-up perpetrator-pups-pair, so each will suffer the full stripping and spanking sequences at each home on Saturday viz. Sunday, for the rest of the term (promising permanent prolongation unless both get great grades) whenever either father gets another SMS, assuming they need to be turned from bad into beneficial influences by eerily-exposed-endurance-example.