SpankChicosmalos: Labor Discipline

SpankChicosmalos: Labor Discipline

Alex neglects his job as a financial services and cryptocurrency salesman. His boss decides to punish him on otk position with his bare ass. Afterwards he receives a spanking with the belt of his boss. He learns to exert himself in a very humiliating way. 12 Minutes in HD quality?

Alex descuida su trabajo como vendedor de servicios financieros y criptomonedas. Su jefe decide castigarlo en la posición otk con su culo desnudo. Posteriormente recibe una paliza con el cinturón de su jefe. Aprende a esforzarse de una manera muy humillante. 12 Minutos en calidad HD ?

艾力克斯没有做好他理财服务及密码货币销售员的工作. 他的老板决定以膝上的姿势惩罚他的光屁股, 然后再用皮带教训他, 他以很羞耻的方法上了一课. 12 分钟高清画质”


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Discipline Matters
6 months ago

Awesome clip!

6 months ago

I just love it when the spankee is positioned in such a way as to give a good view of their genitals & anus

3 months ago

All don Alejandro “Alex”’s adolescence, ancient Andalusian aristocratic ancestry (and affluent associates) assured ample allowances and anything-else, alas all aborted abruptly after all-AAs-acing American academic-exchange-study, as all family funds are at-once frozen due to litigation, leaving him stranded penniless overseas without an income or place to live, as his host family had just left on overseas holiday. Hazardously, the high-born highflyer was hopelessly unacquainted how-to-earn his keep and knew (student) jobs only as something poor people’s puerile progeny performs for pennies-pittance at papa’s plants and private properties, pseudo-piously prepared to perform painstakingly and put-up-with-anything as prescribed and penitentially present the perfectly-perilously-pantless puppy-posterior to padron and princely prankster progeny for pitiless professional punishment or prickish predatory pleasure, privates-privacy-privated playthings for the posh ‘prince’ too to pants and pain at prickish pleasure, particularly perversely playing pitilessly with illegal immigrant knaves (which he used to enjoy ‘tush-terror-training’ to total tractability by tireless trouserless-teen-tail(s)-torment as ‘apprenticeship’ an unpaid week of work and wicked whooping at home before the ‘winning’ half were selected and employed without contract, at half minimal wage minus expenses), as he himself now becomes such haphazard Hispanic humble-hound here-abroad, his student visum expiring June 30th.
Facing far from fortunate facts, the financially-fucked-up foreigner felt fairly fortunate a friend fastly forwarded a former firm’s phone-number to find a fucking fucker-job for finance-students like them.
It paid pittance ‘pennies per piece’ for long, irregular hours and terminally-tedious acribic accounting accounts, those tenure staff turned-down, too much work and too little commission credit, concerned with the client contentment clause: any dissatisfaction may be taken out on the seat of the culprit’s trousers up to a dozen heavy-hickory-hits, or otherwise-agreed. Thanks to his angelic looks, aristocratic attitude and natural charm, Alex could always convince the cross client to convert those cold counts into cosier clothless-cur-cones-CP, contritely cringing cajones-conspicuously, at-home his only hope of getting his avidly-azote-agitating aristocratic ancestors to abandon the atrocious absolutely-abject-adolescent-arse-attribute-affliction-agony, in amazing America avoiding ‘actual’ arse-agony by abject attrite-acting, so ably he’s bribed by bloody-bumbling bigwigs for a bigger bonus to bluntly-fake being to blame at big account- blundering and beg the bosses to bare and beat his ‘books-bumbler-brat’-bubble-butt as best-befits: better for a bonus-bribed boy to be bare-balls-bottom-blistered then the boss be booted from best-stuffed bank-accounts.
Their boss was carefully kept unaware of this arse-ace-arrangement until today, when his right hand’s bumbling was so big, the client is bound to go bust, hence not interested in ‘spankophile satisfaction in stern-stripped kind’, only Alex as-always signed for the blame, which the fat-cat coward hides behind to save his big-bumbler-behind being booted either-sense, leaving abandoned angel-arse-ace Alex to ably-abjectly beg for his own petty-paid job back, practically-prostitution-professionally playing to pleasing perfection his perilously-pantless-presented pert puerile-personnel-posterior-ace in the padron’s face first-time, selling the sneaky pounding-payoff-practice as if his present proposition, paying-off plentifully as Alex now earns accounts his humble-he-hood-heeded-heightened-heinie’s hurtful hidings help save.
He even decides to stay on weeks after earning enough for his debts and fair back-home, his first-ever emergency-piggy-bank, till the finest firm-lawyers free the family-fortune and he takes his learned skills home as well, academically and achingly ‘armed to the accountable angel-arse’, as apt at aching abjectly-angelically as agonizing aristocratically-angrily.