SPAM attack

I regret that both this blog and our back up blog JockSpank II were victims of a SPAM attack over the last 24 hours, which somehow managed to get past Google’s defenses. As a result  large numbers of “comments” were posted throughout the blog archive all  containing links to websites selling various pharmaceuticals.
I think I have managed to track them all down and clear them out of the archive.  However, if anyone visiting older postings comes across a message saying something like “good article, keep up the good work! but with a suspicious link saying something like “vitamins”, “pain relief”, “hair loss” or “erectile dysfunction” please don’t click on the link, and, if possible notify me where the message is by writing to with a link to the posting where the suspicious message was found.
I would strongly advise visitors never to buy drugs and pharmaceuticals from unsolicited links and preferably consult your doctor before making any such purchase.
I hope this problem is now resolved and has not effected your enjoyment of JockSpank     

One Response to SPAM attack

  1. Good advice on never buying any medication of any type online. Heaven only knows where it was compounded and what devilish impurities are to be found lurking in such “cheap drugs on the internet”.