Sore East Europe Boys # 3


The young soldier Libor is in trouble again , and is punished with a wooden spoon, first on his pants, then is made to strip naked, and put in the uncomfortable and humiliating wheelbarrow position, then severely spanked, with the wooden spoon, after which he is spanked by hand.


 0072 ARMY

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Pietro, a strong and muscular guy, is ready for punishment, and wants to proveto be stronger than any strapping. but he cannot take the pain when he is beaten on the sensitive soles of the feet, and followed by an equally painful ass strapping



Video clips can also be purchased and downloaded from Spanking Boys Video

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11 years ago

Pietro is my favourite type of spankee,strong and well muscled with a very spankable bottom-would love to put him across my knee for a hiding!

11 years ago

Hi jockspank its spankie again thanks for the response to my last question about leatherstrapspanking but I was wondering is there anyway I could gmail or get in contact with the blogger so I can my gratitude to the blogger

11 years ago
Reply to  Spankie

Hi Spankie

I will see what I can find out. I know that Leather Strap still visits JockSpank from time to time, but I am not sure he wants to be contacted. Send an e-mail address to me at