Sore Bottomed Straight Boy Sebastian

 Sebastian has been a very bad boy in real life as Mr X explains here

 Straight Lads Spanked are making some video’s featuring Sebastian separately or as a compilation at Clips4Sale

Real Punishment – Sebastian – Bath Brush Beating

Sebastian is an idiot! There is no doubt about that!  This movie follows on one week later from Real Punishment – Sebastian – The Strap which followed on from Real Punishment – Sebastian – The Cane

Sebastian had the money to get his fathers laptop from the pawn shop. Once again Sebastian got distracted and found other priorities! Mr X is furious! What results is the probably the harshest punishment Straight Lads Spanked have ever filmed.
The dreaded bath brush is used and boy does Sebastian feel every whack! You can see the pain in his face as his bottom turns purple! This is a no nonsense beating and certainly not for the faint hearted!

 Real Punishment – Sebastian – Bath Brush Beating is also available as part of a One and a half hour compilation together with Real Punishment – Sebastian – The Cane and
Real Punishment – Sebastian – The Strap

 The cane
  The Strap
Lots of bare bottom spanking


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10 years ago

It’s not that I don’t like Staightladsspanked movies – I do – the action is good and Mr. X’ demeanor is great. BUT – most of the “lads” are WAY too “beefy” for my taste – they aren’t really boys at all, but rather men. And it is boys who should BE spanked – men are supposed to GIVE the spankings, imho.

10 years ago

Sebastian is a handsome lad. Thanks Mr X. Wonderful beefy bum.

Daddy D
Daddy D
10 years ago

I think Sebastian must have spent the money on pies. He’s still a handsome guy, but there is more of him

Nice big spankable bum though