Shore Troubles – At Bottom Line

Shore Troubles

After navy Lt. Aiden Kim gets into a fight at a pub, fellow officer Lt. Alex Jaeger brings him to Commander Palaiologos’ home early one morning. The perplexed Commander has Lt. Jaeger punish Lt. Kim.

Lt. Kim is clearly hung over and must have had one wild night: he even mixed up his old school uniform shirt for a navy one. While the punishment is underway by martinet and strap.


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However, the Commander notes that Lt. Jaeger seems to be having trouble with his aim and balance. Jaeger soon finds himself on the receiving end of the strap and holed paddle.



All actors over 18 proof of age on file

Title 2257


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6 months ago

As model-midshipman, Alex always was his academy mates’ mindful mentor, academic top-scorer and ever-helpful ‘MVP’, never deserving CP, yet baring butt without complaint when lined-up for collective punishments, like when such party animals as Aiden sneaked off dorm to a bar where Alex joined later, only to avoid it lasting long enough to be counted as AWOL, risking expulsion by walk of shame.
Graduated valedictorian, Alex was assigned to the commander’s own office, where he acts as in-living orderly officer and HQ coach for staff postings and promotions. Sir used to enjoy administering CP to his staff in person, especially cute youngsters, even Alex regularly went OTK all-on-ankles, albeit merely hand-spanked, on absurd petty pretexts like lent, implements being traditionally reserved specifically for actual fault types.
Now Hector starts to suffer from damned duly-doleful-derriere-discipline-dispensing-disabling awfully-aching arthritis, he plans to reintroduce the traditional bosun job to flog foolish fleet-fellows’ frockless fannies on his orders, obediently-orbs-ordeal-offering for sass, stunts and similar stupidity by stripping, shivering, squirming, screaming and sobbing sexily-sighted spanking-show-sufferance-subjects smartly sanctioned in front of salivating strict Sir. Admirable attitude and all-AAs-record actually make angelically-adorable Alex the perfect candidate, generally respected, and least likely to incur serious CP himself, only he showed no interest, kind-and-gentle-natured, always having hated witnessing frequent -often well-deserved- CP as a kid worse than suffering some -mostly innocent- and promising himself to be patient, not cruel, if ever in a position to punish ‘puerile puppies’ later. Hector heard so from one of Alex’s oldest youth mates and actually approves, realizing robot-like rebel-rear-red-raw-ravaging is readily relegated to MPs, machine-like mechanical extension of strict Sir’s savagely-severe spankophile sentences, while Alex’s awkward attitude about administering absolutely-abject-adolescent/adult-arse-agony allows awakening all-kinds of awareness and aiming at actual attrition.
Alex’s academy-mate Aiden’s arrival actually allowed an apt asinine-arse-attribute-application-action-test. The ambitious admiral-to-be’s awful arm-ache attempting to attributes-agonize Alex’s adorable arse and assessing the awesome A-knave’s ascending aptitude at amply and ably anal-area-ache-assuring achieving Aiden’s attrite acceptance are at-par. Afterwards, Hector will explain to Alex he’s chosen as bosun not for brutality and brute butch-force, but(t) for what he does far better than MPS: coaching curs to correct contemptible conduct, combining convincing conversation with compulsory clothless-cones-crimson-castigation conform commander’s condemnations. CO will even allow him to hit the hapless humble-hound-heinies half as hard as muscular MPs mercilessly martyrize meekly mounted male mutt-mounds miserably-maroon-marked, so he shall really spare the spankees substantial severity stat and still substantially-more stern-&status-sufferance in the long run by making it work as wayward-whippersnapper-workover.
Once the worshipful worker-drone weights these wise words, he welcomes warmly the way to work-over wayward wretchedly-willie-wagging-worms wickedly-well, willing to apply for the bosun job, agreeing to properly practice plenty of posterior-purple-paining-punishment- and private-parts-privation- procedures on permanent prick Aiden, who warmly welcomes the ‘high-humble honour’ to have his hurdies hit here hard hours-long to help his high-honoured, happily-helpful homie-mate hard-handedly help his hapless kind of hooligans.
Alex even anticipates Hector’s hunger for hitting his heavenly-hottie-heinie hell-houndishly, suggesting to report weekly his bosun-imperfections on-all-four all-on-ankles, happy to have his helplessly-heightened, hornily-heeded heavenly hindquarters hurtfully hit by bountiful bare-balls-bosun-brat-bottom-booting, begging for both bare-bum-beating and before-best-boys-butt-batterer’s bounty of bottom-burning-bettering know-how.