Saturday Spankables

We have a Bumper SATURDAY SPANKABLES update for you this weekend

Spankables by Dr van Spanking

Starting of with a palm tingling selection from Dr van Spanking


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And now a spankable group kindly selected by Rich O’Shea from Sting

And finally a selection from from Bruce

Owen Warner in the UK soap “Hollyoakes”



NOTE: the Saturday Spankables are images taken from the public domain and are posted here for the enjoyment of those who appreciate the male form. Jockspank gain no financial benefit from these images, if you have any concerns or comments regarding any image, please let us know, using the CONTACT US field in the left hand column

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Dr van Spanking
1 year ago

I love Rich’s and Bruce’s selections this morning! It’s fascinating to see what we all three feel constitutes a spankable young lad! Our tastes coincide beautifully! Though that might reasonably be expected when we all have a great love for the spanking of boys!

1 year ago

Great pics!

My favorite has to be the 3 guys in the shower cubicle only because I have done that but there were many more of us squeezed in together… 🙂

1 year ago

This is an especially good Saturday selection. Thank you to all involved.