Saturday Spankables

Here’s this Saturday’s collection of cheeky Spankables

Spankables by Dr van Spanking

Starting with a celebration of the pert male rear from Dr van Spanking


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Introducing Australian diver Sam Fricker looking super-smackable in Aussie flag swimming-briefs

Young Jack Laugher, displaying his inordinate fondness for being photographed in his underpants

Diver Tom Daley front and side

A reformatory full of naughty boys from Bruce

Theo James, in one of his many bare bottom nude scenes in The Time Traveller’s Wife


NOTE: the Saturday Spankables are images taken from the public domain and are posted here for the enjoyment of those who appreciate the male form. Jockspank gain no financial benefit from these images, if you have any concerns or comments regarding any image, please let us know, using the CONTACT US field in the left-hand column

3 Responses to Saturday Spankables

  1. Avatar Dr van Spanking
    Dr van Spanking says:

    There will be more of young Sam Fricker, who I find every bit as spankable as our British Olympic diving boys! When it comes to a smackable bottom, he can definitely hold his own against Tom Daley, Jack Laugher, Dan Goodfellow or any of those other naughty, spanky young lads from our diving team!

    I just LOVE the Australian flag swimming-pants! Definitely a great colour pair of briefs to be laid over the knee in for a thoroughly smacked bottom!

  2. Saturday Spankable selections are always great, but this week it’s exceptional!
    Thank you so much.

  3. The pic of the lad with the hands behind his head and the trousers around his ankles is absolutely gorgeous. Looks like KI, but who cares?