RYM – “Cabin Spanking” promo clip

I edited this clip (with permission) as a contrast to the last one I posted in which a stoic young man endures a very hard bare-bottom bathbrush spanking.

In this clip (Preview of RYM’s “Cabin Spanking”), we see a different sort of lad altogether. This muscular, hung, straight jock seems to be surprised that a spanking actually hurts. He whines, squirms, and dodges like a pussy! All this fuss over a little OTK bare-ass spanking! Not to imply that Rich doesn’t spank him really hard, but this “jock” has trouble taking even half of what most other boys take.

So, if your thing is to watch a stern daddy make a truly reluctant young man endure naked humiliation and take his spanking by hand, ruler, and hairbrush, this one is for you!

– a RYM fan

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11 years ago

People often seems surprised that tough, masculine guys react so strongly to being spanked, but it is a well known fact that testosterone lowers your pain threshold, so of course young and virile guys yelp. They are feeling a lot more pain. Women on the other hand typically have such a high pain threshold it’s probably a waste of time spanking them.