Reluctant Young Men – Scott Breaks Keith

New from Reluctant Young Men:  Keith is 24 years old, 6’1″ tall, cute, sexy, edgy and straight.  The last time he tried a spanking video with us ( our June 8, 2012 update) he quit after part one because it hurt too much.  Now he works for us as an editor and he wanted  another chance to save face.  Keith is scared and nervous as Scott strips him down and takes him OTK.  Then using just his heavy hand and a wooden spatula he breaks his younger co-worker.  Keith is soon sobbing and whimpering, writhing and kicking his long sexy legs just inches from the station where they work together every day.



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3 Responses to Reluctant Young Men – Scott Breaks Keith

  1. Scott hot spanker

  2. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    In regard to Scott Breaks Keith –In my mind after viewing the clips and narrative I believe that Scott gives Keith more than a ordinarySpanking it was more like a severe AssWhipping .?I ordinarily don’t Like OTK but in the this situation it’s a classic OTK .I believe Keith gets lots more than he expected. And his hide certainly indicates that In addition Scott appears to be very skilled spankerIwould be by perception that Keith wouldn’t be sitting down for while .I’m regard to instruments used in Spanking Scott got the right idea a Skin to Skin Hand spanking can be very effective as the Clips indicate

  3. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    There is no doubt that Scott is a skilled spanker the clips of him braking Keith are great I don’t normally like any OTK Spanking but in this case it couldn’t be better any other way ?Sometimes even skilled Spankers have some difficulty with OTK spankings but it looks like from the clips that Scott is a natural with regard to this method of Spanking .It’s my view that all Spankers who are skilled in Spanking have there preference for not only the instruments they are going to use but also what position they want the person being Spanked to be in ?In regard to Skin to skin hand spanking .I believe this has definite Value generally at the beginning of a session but feel it must be followed by something more severe then where A Strap and or a Paddle come in.It’s my belief that if one is going to give another a Spanking Nothing should be held back .A Spanking can and should be lesson learned