Reluctant Young Men – Joey

There is a new guy getting spanked at Reluctant Young Men and his name is Joey. How do I describe Joey? Well, lets say that if Tommy Anders and Keine Sorgen from SpankThis or Sting’s James Radford are are at one end of the scale of what constitutes a Jock, then Joey is right at the other end (Let it never be said that JockSpank does not cater to all tastes!!)

Joey is a 26 year old straight guy, he’s unemployed and looking to make some money.  He’s a real ladies man, who even has an implant in his cock to enhance a woman’s pleasure.  But this day Rich stripped him of his manly pride.  Part 1 starts with with Rich taking Joey over his knee for a long hard spanking using a paddle and hairbrush. In no time no longer so manly joey is filling the room with his high pitched wailing and hollering, he is relieved only that no young women were present to witness his punishment.  

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5 Responses to Reluctant Young Men – Joey

  1. Should be called “reliuctant spanker”–the guy giving the spanking was so tentitive.

  2. If you were spanking a guy half your age and twice your size, particularly one who is clearly not enjoying himself, you might be a little tentative too. However, judging by his reaction, and I’ve seen the whole clip, Joey does not appear to believe that Rick is at all tentative. He seems thoroughly humiliated. This is a very hot clip.

  3. I agree with Tawser, having seen Rich reduce any number of grown men to crying babies, its hard to imagine he could ever be described as tentative or a “reluctant spanker”.

    Also, remember this is only part one of Joey’s punishment, it will get a lot rougher before its over!!

  4. Now that’s a real man !! No more slim young lads. I want more real tough guys humiliated over the knee getting their hairy arsed spanked hard. Time these tough str8 fuckers were shown that there are strict masters out there that will dominate them

  5. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I’ve been spanked by Rich. I can assure you he is not tentative.