4 Responses to Public Service ads by Leather Strap #5

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    Anonymous says:

    Lol… I hear you Ward! Though if I know anything about young males, it’s that they will always find a way to break the rules when they get the chance…and that includes skinny dipping in places where it’s posted that NO Swimming is allowed!

    Errant bare bottoms will be spanked!


  2. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    probably but we would also have less fun.

  3. Where is photo #46 in the series? It seems to be missing. I have YAMSpank01.jpg thru YAMSpank60.jpg except nmumber 46 is missing.

    • Hi Swatter

      You are right I must have missed #46. I am about to post a new set, and will include #46 with that.