NTO Communications – On Pause

NTO’s latest movie is a Strictop Production called “On Pause.”

Dakota Brittain was hired to help shoot a very intense punishment strapping movie called “Conduct Unbecoming.”  But he forget to set the camera he was running to ‘record’ on the final 50 swats–the hardest ones–which caused Dave to have to take them all over again.  Dakota is given a choice, get fired and forgo payment or take the same punishment Dave took.  With much trepidation, Dakota chooses the spanking.

What starts out as revenge, quickly turns erotic

Available in two versions: For those who like their spankings punishment-only, “On Pause – The Punishment Cut” is about 30 minutes of very intense spanking.  Dakota is spanked bare-ass OTK and on all fours on the bed.  He gets a serious paddling with wood and leather paddles, and is finished off with 20 licks with the belt.

For those that like to add sex to their spankings, “On Pause – The Director’s Cut” is almost an hour or sizzling spanking and hardcore sex play.  It is the same punishment footage as the “Punishment Cut” but with all of the ass and cock play included.

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