Nicholas Hand Spanked

At RYM this week: Nicholas is 18 years old, straight, cute as hell, and full of the arrogance of a typical young man just coming into adulthood.  When Rich first suggested a spanking video, Nick said that he  used to laugh when his parents spanked him as a child.  Rich lowered his pants, took him OTK and delivered a long, hard, aggressive hand spanking that had him grunting and struggling, moaning, gasping and twisting as his ass was relentlessly pounded until he was broken, acting nothing like the tough young alpha male he was trying to be.  When it was over he sheepishly told the camera that Rich was nothing like his mom.  No kidding.

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    Anonymous says:

    In regard to Nicholas and his hand spanking I love the fact we start with his Green pjs and of course they come off and quickly as well I would think he Nivholas had a very sore and discolored Hide in the end .Just think it was a Bare Ass Hand Spanking