New in the Sting Member’s area – George’s Crime

Back at the turn of the century bad behaviour and criminal activity was dealt with far more severely than today. No modern day liberal views about discipline existed and a policy of spare the rod and spoil the child was very much the philosophy of the day.

 Certainly George Rogers (Leonardo King) was going to find this out when he decided to steal from his employers. Having taken the trouble to secure a job for his boy Mr Rogers was rightly angry and decided to deal firmly with young George. First he would be put across his Fathers knee and a rightly deserved stinging spanking delivered to his bare bottom.

Then a freshly bound previously soaked short birch would be used to finish off the spanking. The thin biting twigs of this natural instrument burned like hell and had George squirming and squealing at each stroke.

Finally and for good measure Mr Rogers’ old army Malacca cane is bought back in to service and brought down firmly on to poor George’s already scorched bare bottom as he lay over the back of the couch.

If George didn’t realise how serious the crime was he certainly does now and will think again before re-offending and bringing shame on the family. A lesson reinforced by the stinging fire in his well punished bottom.



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  1. A superb set of pictures. Many thanks for these.

  2. Sting… Update the picture gallery’s we’ve had none for a while and update the blog abit dead over there ATM not much activity going on. And I like Leonardo his very sexy.

    • So far all updates have been made earlier than scheduled, there have just been two video updates, and, as was promised the gallery updates will follow. You have already had two video updates this month for just $9.99 and you may well get a third this month, you will almost certainly not get that much at the price anywhere else.

      Sting are updating the site more regularly than promised, and providing excellent value for they charge.

      There is a temporary problem with the blog, which is being worked on.

  3. Just watched this SPECTACULAR video !!! Leonardo is one of the very best Stinglads and this is no-nonsense Sting at its BEST!!!

  4. beautiful boyishly dirty feet.