New From Sting – College Crimes (Part 2)

The final post for Sting Sunday is the second set of pictures from Sting’s latest Download
College Crimes 

Nichols (Marco) and Rutherford (Leonardo King) have been caught fighting, and are sent to the headmaster where they are both given a hard spanking followed by a stiff caning.

Bucking and yelling as the stripes are laid on they both lads decide it’s perhaps better to just talk it out in future! 

Back in the park Collins and Grafton are suddenly disturbed by a barked out statement behind them. ‘What are you doing here?’ Truanting and smoking means they are in real trouble. The Head, too busy himself to deal with this infringement, so Mr Brookes is left to deal with the two lads………… 

This he does with relish especially having been dealt with himself only the day before. A good sound bare bottom spanking is follow by a stinging hiding with the slipper. It’s been a week of whacking’s and quite a few of the students, now dealt with, are certainly in future going to avoid getting involved in College Crimes

At 40 mins long and staring a host of both new and well known Sting lads, plus a handsome new top, who also gets his own bottom tanned, this is another delightful college life romp from the masters of their art.  Classic Sting at its best!

College Crimes
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2 Responses to New From Sting – College Crimes (Part 2)

  1. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    wow this looks great. do any of these boys get pulled by the ear?

  2. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    A good thrashing with the cane will set these boys straight! Nothing like a proper set of welts on your bare bottom to make you think twice about fighting!