New From MancSpank – The Humiliation of Anthony

In the latest release by MancSpank Anthony was about to go home from university to spend the weekend with his dad, his college mate heard a rumour there was going to be a drugs bust in the halls so he forced Anthony to take his pot home and guard it with his life he didn’t want to but submitted from his bullying house mate.
At home ant was wearing dirty grungy clothes and his dad told him they were going to grannies for tea and made get changed into very short shorts brogues shirt jumper and dickey bow, Ant was mortified and was afraid any of his mates would see him, then his dad told him once back we were going to discuss his college work the old fashioned way!

At 19 ant pleaded with his dad that he was too old, his dad silenced him and said it worked before so that was the end of the matter you will be given a good hiding over my knee bare bottom until these grades improve and that is exactly what happened.

His dad then told him to get showered and put his pyjamas on, whilst doing so his dad decided to do his washing emptying his pockets he found the pot, he furiously dragged the naked wet lad from the shower and asked how long he had been taking drugs, he pleaded they weren’t his but dad didn’t believe him, dragging him by the hair into the bedroom throwing the lad over his knee and started blistering his bottom with a wooden hair brush, the more ant pleaded the harder the blows came. He was then told he would get a strapping with the tawse before bed.

In the morning before going back to uni his dad ripped down his pjs put him over the desk and gave him a dam good caning there is a twist too all of this at the end think you might like.

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There is link to the Mancspank 18.USC.2257 declaration in the right hand column of this blog

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11 years ago

i love the tawse.