New from Jim Scorpio – Army Thrashing

Many visitors of a certain age will remember the brilliant photo montage picture stories created by Jim Scorpio in the the 1990’s (and before?). Like me, many will also recall the impact they had on our developing interest in (and appreciation of) Male spanking – WELL JIM HASN’T GONE AWAY! and now he’s back! Jim tells me that inspired by the above image from Sting, he could not resist adding the signature Jim Scorpio touch!!
Therefore, with the permission of Sting pictures, I’m delighted to upload Army Thrashing by the one and only Jim Scorpio.


2 Responses to New from Jim Scorpio – Army Thrashing

  1. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Fantastic! Welcome back, Jim!

  2. Always loved Jim Scorpio – Great to see you back!