More Swim Troubles – At Bottom Line

Swim Troubles – Pay Up

The absence of Aiden, Diego, Jack and Mark has not gone unnoticed with the coach sending Alex to find his missing teammates – along with a nasty leather strap and full authority to use it.


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Swim Troubles – Pay Up


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Dr van Spanking
1 year ago

I joined this spanktastic site about a week ago – and what a bum-smackingly brilliant adventure in spanking it has turned out to be! HIGHLY recommended, internet spankers!

The site features a regular team of young Asian lads who all have a delightfully youthful and submissive air about them – perfect for spanking movies! BLS also has two major assets in the impossibly cute young Alex and the drop-dead gorgeous Diego, with his slightly sullen looks and his carved-by-the-gods bottom!

BLS has been innovative in a couple of ways – one in having its two most recent videos involve a swim-team of more than two boys – four in the first and five in the second! All wearing VERY spanky swimwear! And for those who, like me, are turned on by non-buttock punishment, there are a couple of the videos where boys are strapped on their hands with a wicked-looking leather tawse! Watch the hapless youngsters being disciplined in this fashion, and see if you don’t get as hard as you would get if you were watching them having their bottoms spanked!

There is everything here – school discipline, both classroom and PE, domestic discipline, sporting punishment, short shorts and plenty of over-the-knee spanking, my absolute favourite! And if you’re into seeing lads smacked in briefs, both coloured briefs and tighty-whities, this site is very definitely a MUST for you!!

Happy viewing, guys!

1 year ago

Diego’s delicious dream of dispensing daily dire defrocked-devilkin-derriere-discipline in days-to-come was dreadfully destroyed by a due this-day disciplinarian’s dreaded doses on their dejected derrieres there and then. Although headmaster delegated Diego to most-masterly-meanly martyr meekly-mounted-male-mounds in coach’s place, the lividly-licking latter teen-tails-torturing training-tyrant pulls rank, being fired nor suspended, which only the board could decide, notifying nullity of the not-approved knave’s nomination, now naming a new knavish deputy for day-to-day defrocked-derrieres-disciplining duties. Deliberately, he does designate Diego’s regular rival, at-least-as-angelically-attractive AAs-student Alex, second in record rankings by seconds, yet coach’s creature, scarcely short of sycophantic, who made most progress prize-showing the master’s method, unlike dapper diver Diego, who never had to change an already prefect technique, competently coached in confidence by the comparatively cockier cur’s close kinsman.
As cruel coach’s chronically continuing health problems spell persisting pounder-power-problems plus repeated short or longer absences, Alex is promised a permanent privileged post as peacock-proud puerile-puppy-posteriors-paining ‘pool prefect’, provided he presently prominently proves on pellicle his practically-predatory preceptory purple-pain-punisher prowess, precisely as pitiless and powerful as his paddle-happy primary prides-on. So this time it doesn’t even matter whether Diego and his boys do well or behave themselves, Alex is here all day to humble, hide and hell-hot-hit their helplessly-heightened, he-hood-hardly-heeded humblehound hinies heinously, hours of harshest-hard-handed-handling-horror that happen to (hap)hazardly happen in their horrid-most Halloween weekend, hurting their hurdies hundredfold for the hell-hounds happiness holding-on to their humbling and hidings.