More Spanking for Those East Europe Boys (Part 1 of 2)

The first three of six Spanking clips from regular contributor East Europe Boys at

Spanking Boys Video

College: Kuba (Full Version)

Kuba is taken by the ear by the master and brought into his room, because he has some very bad results at school so our Master decides to punish him. After being stripped naked, Kuba receives a vigorous and painful hand spanking, first over the master’s knee, and then in the uncomfortable and humiliating wheelbarrow position. His magnificent butt colours up in a splendid spanking bloom. 

A few days later Kuba is in trouble again and so the master grabs him by his ear to punish him, and sends him to collect a wooden hairbrush. Then, after being stripped, Kuba is ordered to bend over across his knees, and is spanked with the hairbrush. The hairbrush spanking is followed by a vigorous hand spanking. (OTK) 

Subsequently the master punishes the young Kuba with the leather strap, strapping him severely on bare butt, putting yet more strain on this poor guy’s endurance level, this is followed by a another vigorous hand spanking



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Amateur: Poker Game (Part 1)

Johnny has a big debt from a loss at poker, so he goes to his master to ask for the money to pay the debt. The master agrees to help him, but he wants to teach him a lesson, and at the same time is a good way to have fun. The master invites the boy to a new poker game, where the master plays with the money, and Johnny plays with the ass. When the master loses, Johnny wins money; but when the boy loses, the master enjoys spanking his nice ass. How red will boy’s ass become before reaching the necessary sum?







Training: David Lin (Part 4)

David has to submit to a training punishment spanking for the first time and it is getting harder. before David is spanked with a wooden hairbrush over the master’s knee, followed, then at the unlucky turn of a card with again more punishment with a leather strap.






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  1. Kuba has such a great bottom I wish he did more work for Sting it’s a shame we never got it see him truly prosper with them.