Matt Mills

 A commentator wrote in earlier asking if Matt Mills was alright and what he was currently doing.  I have been in contact with Rich O’Shea from Sting, who assures me that Matt is well and that, just this wee, he was in contact with him to discuss plans for Matt to appear in a future Sting Movie.
Matt also appears in the latest release by called Straight Brothers Spanking about two brothers who discover that the government have reintroduced bare bottom spanking for bad boys.  Straight Brothers Spanking staring Matt Mills is also available from Clips4Sale 

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    Anonymous says:

    It’s good to hear that “Matt” is fit and active. There is something about his looks that I can only call “iconic”: the typical naughty boy, and he manages to look convincing in this role both as a fifties Teddy Boy (how evocative that first picture is!) and even today, when he must be ten years older.

    We did hear that he had become disenchanted with having his bottom smacked, and we know he has other interests as a model (and isn’t gay). So it is specially good to know he is still interested in providing for OUR fantasy needs.

    I suppose he will one day be too old to portray the naughty teenager (or is there a picture up in his attic?); but for the moment …

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    Anonymous says:

    Great to have news of Matt ! The hottest guy in porn. He embodies the sexy english chav.

    Do you know where these pictures come from ?

    • Those pictures of Matt were taken when he visited Folsom Street fair in San Francisco a few years ago (maybe 2008 or 2009)

  3. I just heard that Matt has been doing shows on Cam4, and is listed as circumcised! Is this a mistake or something that has happened recently?

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    Anonymous says:

    does anyone know matts username on cam4?

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    Anonymous says:

    Mattmills85 is his username on cam4. He’s on there all the time, big cock on display. He’s even hotter now

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    Anonymous says:

    Anyone know where I can download some of the videos of Matt getting spanked? Torrent maybe? I can’t find any that don’t require payment.

    • I am afraid not, we do not encourage video piracy at JockSpank. Good spanking videos cost money to make and the studios who make them are entitled to charge for them. The more their work is stolen the less good stuff there is for all of us.

      Piracy forced Control T and Filmco to stop making spanking movies, we don’t want to drive anyone else out of the market.

  7. Delivered by Hand, which features a great spanking scene with Matt Mills plus two other scenes featuring Vex and Ginger can be downloaded for less than $16 here: