Mans Hand Films: Red Tails 108 – Fall 2018

Red Tails 108 – Fall 2018

The Fall Edition of Red Tails Magazine has been posted to the Man’s Hand web site. Here are some sample pages

A message from Man’s Hand Film

Welcome to a sample of our Fall issue of Red Tails Magazine! It may be hard to imagine that it was 25 years ago on the last week-end in September that Man’s Hand had the first Spanking booth at the Folsom Fair! We highlight the occasion in this issue.

Have a safe and exciting Fall!


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Red Tails Magazine is the longest running male spanking magazine still in publication. It has unique content of stories, art, news, advice, photos and opinion and humor

Published, on line, once a quarter as the central feature of Man’s Hand Members Only subscription.


5 Responses to Mans Hand Films: Red Tails 108 – Fall 2018

  1. The cover pic of this magazine and some other pics appear to have been taken at Folsom in SF however I didn’t see any spanking this year… Has it been stopped?

    • The pictures at from earlier years. I don’t think there has been a Mans Hand spanking booth in recent years. Things have changed in the last ten or so years, where instead of becoming more free, we are becoming less free in terms of personal expression, and people seem far more willing to be offended than they used to be in the 80’s 90’s and early zeros. I may be alone in fearing we are entering a new puritan age, but I think we will face more challenges going forward.

      This is not a comment on any particular administration, but there is something happening in the culture, both left and right, which worries me.

      • I agree with Ward. That said, before the western societies become repressive to the point they would chase down spanking video producers and close by force all spanking related sites, there is still a margin.

        Pardon if I change the subject, it’s several years now an essentiel question is torturing my mind : why is there almost no hand fetichism in spanking movies ? (for the OTK part obviously, not speaking of harder punishments). I am a spankee, I buy a lot of spanking clips/movies as a consumer, and my erotic focus goes logically to the top, and I would love him to “play” with his hand, threatening the spankee with it before the spanking as a kind of anticipation /foreplay (you know, like “Have you seen this hand ? Look at it ! It will smack your ass soon” etc.) or during the spanking when the spanker for example forces the sub to watch or worship this hand which is taking care of his butt,even bettter if the top has a big hand with a large palm.

        I buy really a lot of spanking videos, I even buy straight M/F spanking videos because my interest lays into admiring an attractive spanker (psst, don’t tell anyone) so the bottom, boy or girl; doesn’t matter so much to me, and I can tell you there is the same issue on the straight spanking market.

        I would be very interested in hearing your opinions about that. The paradox is many spanking scenarios are very ritualiazed, in clips or movies but never around the spanker’s hand. Why is that ? In an OTK spanking, the hand and the lap of the spanker both yield a strong symbolical and erotical value and should be part of the “ritual”

        I suppose statstically I cannot be the only spanking bottom who has a hand fetich, can I 🙂

        I would also like to ask our fellow spankers if they do that kind of hand play when they spank a boy ; and if the bottoms who come to you sometimes fantasise about your hand.

        My apologies if I was a bit long. But this interrogation is in my head for years and I’d love to hear your input.

        I know we don’t have a forum, but perhaps the site moderator could open an article about the topic if it’s not too much to ask ?

        Greetings from Paris


  2. Hey Ward

    There was plenty of otehr stuff at Folsom, which could be considered by some as far worse than spanking…
    Let’s hope Mans hand get back to Folsom soon!

  3. @Olivier – I have heard of so many fetishes, but never before have I heard of a hand fetish!

    However, you have got me thinking and I agree with you that when being spanked, seeing the hand that will ultimately spank you could be very exciting!