Mans Hand Films – Brotherly Love


What do you do when your younger brother makes a pass at your boyfriend? When Devon spies on his kid brother, Bryan, telling his lover Ryan that he has feelings for him and giving him a kiss, it’s time to take matters into his own capable hands. Dressed in a pair of white briefs, Devon takes Ryan over his lap for a thorough hand spanking.  Then the briefs come down for continued punishment on his firm butt.  Finally, a long-handled bath brush puts Ryan in agony, as he learns a severe lesson.  Devon then massages Ryan’s burning ass with lotion, before the young man jacks-off.  Next, Devon catches Bryan jacking-off and confronts him about his comments.  Pinning his brother to the floor, he uses a necktie to secure his hands behind his back and starts a long spanking.  He ends it with a wooden hairbrush to really drive his point home.  Looking at the young man’s sore ass, Devon becomes aroused and shoots a load over the boy’s hot buns.  

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