MancSpank – Unpaid Bills

 A new release by MancSpank: Unpaid Bills

19 year-old Jonathon’s furious father waited at the door for his arrogant son to return after his curfew has long passed.
On his arrival home, his father confronted Jonathon only to receive a torrent of verbal abuse and get pushed out of the way. Jonathon then stomps up the stairs in a wild temper. However, his father has other plans.

He too felt his temper rising and gave chase after his son. Dragging Jonathon back downstairs, they erupted into a shouting match in the lounge.  

After a lot of pushing and shoving, his father overpowers the 19 year old. Totally shocked, Jonathon is thrown over his father’s knee for a sound, rapid fire spanking over his jeans. 

After a lot of swearing, his father ripped off Jonathon’s jeans and underwear to deliver one hard, fast bare-bottom spanking that Jonathon would not soon forget. All the crying and pleading from Jonathon that he would be good did not stay his father’s hand until his butt was warn and red from the lesson his father was teaching.

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