MancSpank – Poor Shaun, Lies, Lies and More Lies

After his previous painful encounter with his Dad’s hand, strap and cane poor Shaun’s luck isn’t getting any better ….
Shaun’s dad Stuart is visited by Mr Scott the new neighbour, who tells me that he caught Shaun deliberately throwing stones and smashing his green house windows. When Shaun is confronted by this he denies it but admits calling Mr Scott a pervert, and says he watches him through the window getting changed. Dad who is now furious puts him otk and gives him a good bare bottom spanking … 

 in front of Mr Scott….
Shaun then told to stand in the corner 

Later Shaun is sent round to Mr Scott’s house in his football kit to help round the house to pay of the damage….. 

but perverted Mr Scott has other ideas and soon has him otk for a good hard spanking until Shaun is bawling his eyes out

Shaun agrees to do anything Mr Scott wants …

which then results in poor Shaun having a 10 inch cock forced down his throat.
An alternative version including additional sexual content will be available soon

NOTE: The lead in scenes to this video (before the spanking) are a little out of focus, and the price has been discounted for this reason
As the main MancSpank sites are currently being rebuilt this clip is available from Clips4Sale.
There is a link to the MancSpank 18.USC.2257 notice in the right hand column at this blog

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