MancSpank – Tim’s home from uni with a sore bottom

In a new video from MancSpank, Tim is home from art college , but his father thinks he needs to get a proper job, so if he doesn’t come home with with a good report dad then finds any reason to give him a dam good spanking bare bottom by hand then the stinging hairbrush followed by the leather strap and then the cane poor Tim is sent back to uni with one very red bottom


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5 Responses to MancSpank – Tim’s home from uni with a sore bottom

  1. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Tim, be thankful

  2. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    WOW, really like this one

  3. Wish I was the on the receiving end of this!

  4. I think this was overdoing it a little In addition a OTK spanking for a College student is little over the top I somewhat agree with the punishment but the OtK is not a good method for a young men his age In addition I would only use the strap however after I was finished using it nothing else would be necessary Over doing it is abusive and it s never good

    • JIm Burke, I must say, I COMPLETELY disagree with you. To put a young man his age OTK is not only appropriate, but a necessary part of his much needed discipline. Albiet, the chair is all wrong, and the young man needs to be brought forward a bit more so he is more supported on the older mans lap, but being taken OTK of a strong, older, authorative man not only stirs up feelings of helplessness, and a bit of humiliation, but at the same time is a comfort to the young man, who may be recieving a painful spanking, but is also being held close, and reassured that he is cared for.