Magic Spanking Factory – Cane impressions 2

Magic Spanking Factory: Nothing bites quite like the dreaded cane. Hated by generations of naughty schoolboys and recalcitrant borstal youths the cane can work wonders as you will see in this 53 minute video.


The swish of the cane, the “thwack”, the sharp intake of breath and the inevitable “Aaaaargh” is the accompanying music that underlines the visual delights you are about to see.

 The pain these guys feel is intense and the ensuing marks on their bare naked buttocks are evidence of the punishment they have been submitted to.


See them getting the cane administered to them on their regulation grey school shorts, skimpy tight underpants and of course on their naked unprotected smooth bottoms.


Each and every one of them deserved the punishment they were getting so there is no need to feel sorry for any of them…..

The full video is 53 minutes long and the scenes are taken from 13 different clips.

A free preview clip can be downloaded here 
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