M/M and F/M Spanking Art By Franco

Setting his Bottom on Fire

Click here or on the read more tab below to see two new Fem Dom Spanking pictures by the Artist Franco

WARNING: Franco’s Fem Dom images feature young men being disciplined and spanked by Strict Women

You’re Not Too Old For a Spanking

Governess’s Little Strap

You can view more of Franco’s Spanking images, by Clicking Here



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2 years ago

Effing BRILLIANT! Thank you, Franco!

2 years ago

“Yes, Sir, I was on team laundry duty and I neglected to take a red handkerchief out of the pile of dirty uniforms, rendering the lot girlish pink,
and my savings aren’t nearly enough to pay for new ones, so I am very grateful you advanced my allowance for the large rest sum, which makes it only fair you spank my frockless filial failure-fanny fiercely pink at every team play and practice day till it’s settled next year or so,
but(t) could you please, pretty please put my pitiful puppy-posterior in pitiless pink-paining-position afterward rather then before, as it all too often makes my come late and/or play poorly from pain, practically guaranteeing a pantless paddling from coach and another ride over your knee for getting home late?! “