Little Foxxy in Pain Punishment VI

Pain Punishment VI is the final installment in in the series by the Magic Spanking Factory, Starring Little Foxxy 

Just Magic describes this video as follows:

This series with Little Foxxy has proven, not surprisingly, to have been extremely popular. In this the last part of the series Little Fooxy is again given a hard and painful punishment. This time I am assisted though by friend my good friend Robert who did not pass up the chance of giving straight boy Lil’ Foxxy a good hard spanking on his very pert, tight little buttocks. The clip starts off though with the urchin agreeing that he will be hand spanked, belted and caned He states though that he wants the cane strokes at the beginning of his ordeal. I was surprised but agreed. The enormous roar he kicks off with as the first cut bites into his naked flesh is just the overture to what follows……The belting he gets, first of all from me with Robert holding him tight and then Robert beating him and me holding him tight is certainly worth seeing! This is the last of the “Pain Punishment series and is definitely a fitting finish. 

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    Anonymous says:

    That guy knows how to take a beating. Would love to meet him!