Keiko Spanked to Tears.

 As described by Just Magic from The Magic Spanking Factory:

Meet “Keiko” my adopted son. Keiko is 19 years old and of Thai – American descent. I decided to adopt him because I am convinced that with strict discipline he will become a pillar of society and have a very bright future.

Unfortunately that target is still a long way off and serious attention will have to be paid to his upbringing and education. There will be no slipping back into his old lazy and slovenly ways and his behavior will be corrected by thrashings to ensure correctness.

The kind of problems the debauched boy confronts me with you can witness in this clip. Arriving home unexpectedly I find the urchin sitting on the couch with his shorts open and him all hot and bothered. Spying the cover of a disgusting magazine on which he is sitting I confront him with what the situation suggests.

He does of course denies any wrong doing. I am, quite understandably, infuriated. Here I am doing my best for the boy and he has nothing better to do than to look at worthless porn! I decide there and then that he will get the first taste of the discipline which will accompany him as long as his feet are under my table.

Pulling him over my knee I give him a hard spanking on his tight jeans shorts. Determined that he should realise the seriousness of his mistake I soon remove the shorts to spank him on his y-fronts. His moaning does not stop me from ordering him to get naked for a good belting. Regardless of how humiliated he is the belt lashes across his smooth young buttocks. When I think he has had enough I leave him to contemplate his dirty behavior. The ensuing tears will cut no ice with me I can promise you that. He probably realised that he is now under strict scrutiny and that many more and probably even harder beatings will be to follow.

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2 Responses to Keiko Spanked to Tears.

  1. keiko has a very cute hole 😉

  2. Cute i see a rivalry with jonathon arising. Magic has his work cut out keeping them all under control.