Humiliation Hurts! – Louis’s Comeuppance (Part 1)

Tabloid reporter Louis is really smug when he arrives at’s studio thinking he is going to do an exploitative expose of their fetish movie business.  However, the Straight Hell guys quickly turn the tables on the arrogant reporter, and, in no time it is they who are exploiting him!!….

Cutting off his jeans

Louis demands that his film crew come to his aid, but they just carry on filming!! 

A painful use for clothes pegs

A good hard spanking with a leather strap!

Made to suck their dicks

Louis ordeal has only just begun ………….

Links are provided out of respect for Straigh Hell’s intellectual Property rights

Warning: StraightHell is not suitable for those with delicate sensibilities


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10 years ago

Im not a fan of half the stuff they do but Adrian is so sexy i love it when he spanks lads