Hornet (by Sting) – Flat Mate’s Revenge

When two guys share a place they are supposed to help each other out. Unfortunately not in the case of Aaron (Aaron Alton) and Oscar (Oscar Roberts) House work is getting to be a one sided operation with only Oscar doing it all.


Finally having caught Aaron in his room looking at porn instead of doing the dishes he’s had enough! Taking a leaf out of his dad’s book he goes in to action and puts Aaron over his knee.

The spanking soon begins to turn that little pale bare backside a searing red. Trouble is it’s having some effect but not entirely what Oscar expected.


Now out comes a thick black leather paddle to finish the job and encourage Aaron to begin helping out. 

It’s making more impact but Oscar finds he is now beginning to enjoy the task of disciplining the younger lad. He might as well really punish the lad’s pert little backside and get some pleasure, at his expense, out of it too.


NOTE As this is a Hornet Production the action features full on sex as well as spanking  – to see the whole set of picture, including the sex action click here to visit the revamped Hornet blog 

This commissioned story for Hornet Pictures is from new director Kurt Maddox and shot on location in the UK.

(Due to Aaron Alton’s youthful looks a copy of his proof of age can be viewed here)

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