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Halloween Spank

It is Halloween Day and Hector has left out a bowl of candy for trick-or-treaters on the porch. When the duo of Aiden and Alex come by, Aiden is thrilled at the variety of candy on display. He ignores the “take one” sign and tries to dump the whole bowl into his bag. Aiden is soon caught however and is punished for his greedy behavior alongside the hapless Alex.


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Halloween Spank


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1 year ago

After sharing in the sound spanking session stupid sweets-stealing Aiden did definitely deserve, though not him, Alex arrives home in tears, less for the sting still stirring his strap-striped stern then for his empty loot basket, as Hector confiscated all and it was the last house on their route, but(t) Alex’s candy yield was promised to his sick kid brother, whom he normally annually escorts on trick or treat (the cuties in matching outfits often got extras offered), so frightfully-firm father stopped the benjamin-boy bawling by serving him a rare treat: watching brutally-berated big brother bawling and blushing being balls-bared, booted and belted, before being blooming-boyhood-beheld beetred-bottom-battered OTK.
Only after the sweetie softly suggested, softly sobbing at the spanker-savagery-sight, strict Sir should stop scarlet-striping stripling sibling’s sightly stripped stern so severely, and is gently put back to sickbed with promises for manifold make-up candy worth Alex’s next allowances till Christmas, Sir allows Alex to explain, eerily-extended-endurance-exposed back OTK, instantly believed by father, who knows Alex wouldn’t lie to abort another arse-agony accepted-as-almost-always, at most seek to avoid such embarra(r)sing audience.
Hence irate his big boy was mistreated so unjustly, father rapidly, roughly rubs into the ‘revoltingly-raided rascal rear’ some soothing cream, normally reserved for really-rougher-ravaged raw-red-roasted-rebel-ruckus, then calls Aiden’s father, who brings this ‘mean mugger mutt’ mate over ear-dragged to strip starkers and suffer twice all that Alex endured, plus twice the knave-buddies’ combined ages from each father with each of their four belts, next is passed over three laps in turn till it tires the fathers to exhaustion and his drags him home, promising a wickedly-warm woodshed weekend.
Next morning, unwitting Alex’s armed father confronts Hector, whose abject apologies are not accepted, unlike a fat check to over-compensate the candy, confiscated as well, he’s still pantsed and promptly posterior-purple-pained way worse than Alex and Aiden combined with his own, confiscated belt, which will be worn out on Alex, still counting himself lucky to be spared the ultimate nightmare of a knavish audience to his humiliating he-hood-heeded harsh hiding, hotly hoping to heartily take it out on an abject adolescent arse soon, as Sir suspected, hence hints Aiden is for hire from next weekend to mow lawns by sickle and weed on naked knees, satisfactory or spanked as Sir sees fit, as his father mentioned earlier, Alex’s vindictive father will keep spreading the word weekly …