Foot and Butt Punishmet (Part 1 of 2) Pay Pledge

Pay Pledge
Two young friends have made a wager, playing the game ‘morra’, about the affections of a girl; and Petr has lost. Not satisfied with the outcome Petr asks Pavel for a second chance to win. Unfortunately Petr loses yet again, so this time he must accept his fate and ‘take it like a man’ and pay the price of losing. Petr is amazed and surprised because of having to strip naked and especially because of the type of punishment the loss earned. Petr is punished with a cane on the soles of his bare feet (bastinado); and, despite suffering a lot he is not allowed to escape from paying the price of his wager in full! This punishment is followed by a good hand spanking. The friend continues with a new session of punishment for the lost wager; Petr is punished with a leather strap on the soles of his bare feet.



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and Feet Bastinado Boys

Title 2257

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