Exchange Troubles – At Bottom Line

Exchange Troubles : Supplier

After Aiden gives them cigarettes, exchange students Alex and Diego are shocked to find out that school corporal punishment is legal in their host country. As their Headteacher is out on sick leave it is up to class monitor Max to dispense discipline. Max first disciplines the supplier of the cigarettes: Aiden.


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Exchange Troubles : Supplier


Title 2257

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1 year ago

looking for a mans hand film video but their website no longer exists.

1 month ago

Aiden was proud as a peacock when his lord father allowed him to volunteer the family mansion to lodge not one but(t) two foreign exchange students, with his humble self (used to constantly suffering strict Confucian cane-CP in utter sonly submission, stripped and spanked at home even worse than boarding school, sports team and about everywhere else) as their official mentor, formally accepted by headmaster, hence listed along school staff to enjoy exercising the comprehensive (crucially including corporal) conduct correction consent contracted by their foreign fathers. It’s a particularly prestigious batch this year, so even father (who boasts intricately-distant imperial ancestry from the Tang dynasty) jumped at the opportunity to act loco parentis second-degree, strangely-shared with his similarly-steadily-spankable son, stimulating study and so-on for a Spanish aristocrat’s and a Canadian tycoon’s hotly-he-hood-heeded-hideable heirs.
Both Diego and Alex proved better-behaved and -educated, bonding as buddies, bewilderingly better then Aiden in everything, both academic all-AAs, so within a week, the host father decreed a remarkable role-reversal: until Aiden catches up (probably never), he must serve the simply-superior squirts as they see fit or suffer severe spanking at their and/or father’s (dis)pleasure, and the school staff is told to assume Aiden responsible for all trouble any of the three gets into. Thus he dared not refuse when his young new masters ordered to cater for every wish of four wisely-well-chosen networking-target-schoolmates, getting away with alcohol in inconspicuous bottles because it was all drunk before a monitor inspected, unlike the traitorously-toxic nicotine-odour, an outdoors hint of which actually lured him.
After ear-dragging the stinking smoker squirts squad’s senior student to the office, where the seven smoker scoundrels obediently line-up touching-toes, expecting a standard strapping on shorts, monitor Max, standing-in stat for sick senior staff Sir, learns of Aiden’s lord father’s instructions to hold him fully accountable and is eager to oblige, forever jealous of Aiden’s wealthy home and pompous ‘family-tree majesty’. After the others have turned-in all contraband (what would Max do with it?) and are sent off with a crossly-cursing kick in the crotch -still enough for father to cane ‘failing scapegoat’ Aiden for twice anyway, if the guests chose to inform their host- he must take some ruler-taps on the hands while lectured on Confucian values concerning responsibility and hospitality before taking the combined spanking for all seven knaves, ‘rounded’ to tenfold the regular dose, broken up again in five weekly whacking woes, the next four in seniors common room in front of Max’s mates, with standing invitations for all exchange students, which will in turn be invited to suggest and demonstrate on agonizing Aiden’s freshly-flailed fanny a home-style follow-up spanking ‘loco parentis’, which Max will repeat stat before Aiden to crawl on naked knees around and beg every knave in turn to actively ascertain the awesomely-awfully-aching effect on his eerily-exposed abject arse OTK.
When headmaster returns, readily resuming ruthless rascal-rearing by red-raw-rump-roasting, he hears about the whole ‘international incident’ and summons the seven smokers, who find most miserable Max male-mounds-meekly-mounted touching-toes starkers, crimson cones covered in cruelly-criss-crossed cane cuts, and are told in turn to hand-spank him ad lib OTK, for miss-handling their smoking illicitly, as it doesn’t count: next they’ll be punished properly, pants-on-ankles, pitilessly principal’s-paddle-pounded pain-purple, except that Aiden gets his two charges’ doses, doubled ‘as he’s senior’, courtesy to his father, who will nevertheless cane him copiously, cryptically informed both guests were ‘suitably summoned and stripped for smoker sins’.