East Europe Boys # 3


Michal is in trouble again, this time with the captain, who had him arrested and handed over to the sergeant for a strong and severe punishment with the wooden paddle. It is followed by a vigorous hand spanking and genital punishment.

 0071 ARMY

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Daniel is caught smoking in his room, so he is punished with a leather paddle on the sensitive soles of the feet, every time the boy moves he pays a penalty with a slap to his bare ass. He is then spanked with the belt, and by hand.

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Bastinado Boy
Bastinado Boy
11 years ago

Gorgeous Michal cowers on his knees. The Master swings for the fences; the mighty and hurtful paddle gets applied strongly to Michal’s beautiful butt! We see hurt and fear on Michal’s face. Another masterpiece from this terrific producer of spanking films!