Dreams of Spanking – The Prefect and the F*g

Jimmy Holloway, Sebastian Hawley


At an English boarding school the tradition of fagging continues behind closed doors. Senior boy James Holloway abuses his power to make young Sebastian Hawley’s life a misery. 
A hot, edgy scene played with perfect tension by two talented young actors. A fantasy for anyone who’s ever dreamed about real public school historical punishments.

Note : I have censored the word F*g to avoid falling foul of any “Hate Speech” detectors
However, the word does not mean the same in Britain as it does in America.  In Britain, as well as being a slang term of a cigarette, it also refers to a more junior pupil at an English Public School, who is were required to act as personal servants to the most senior Students (Wikipedia explains more)

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The full length video is available at Dreams of Spanking

Content Warning: You can visit the Dreams of Spanking site by clicking on the link below.  However, please note that Dreams of Spanking features M/F, F/F and F/M spanking scenes as well as Male on Male spanking.


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