Dorm Smoke – At Bottom Line

Dorm Smoke

Monitor Max comes back to the dormitory to find new student Luke Lin about to light up. Luke tries to pass off smoking as no big deal, but Max isn’t having any of it and lights up Luke’s bottom instead.


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Dorm Smoke


Title 2257



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1 year ago

Managing floor monitor Max, a handy but hopelessly-unemployed college drop-out who couldn’t afford to pay rent like his peers, ignores that the crafty, Canton-raised, Confucian apartment building owner, who is in the running for a lucrative and prestigious contract to house frat-alumni-subsidized college scholarship and – legacy students on two whole floors if found conform their strict standards of maintenance, quiet and discipline by frat-style spanking, sends his strictly-spanking-raised son and harsh-hand-hided heir Luke undercover to rent a room on each floor in turn, to thoroughly test the state of facilities and, most of all, the monitors’ firm hand to keep rogue rascals in line by ruthless rebel-rear-red-raw-ravaging rump-roasting-rides.
So far, over half have been found neglectful at regular room-inspections, incompetent in maintenance or softy spankers, hence will be booted next month; Max didn’t do that badly, might even be considered for promotion to a frat-floor if lewd Luke’s ‘low-life-lower-limbs-limp-lashed lessons’ last longest, like Luke’s lava-livid lessons learned at home. Luke will keep ‘asking for it’ all week, expecting his already-ablaze abject arse agonized ampler and ably again and again, aptly attributes-afflicted ever-worse awakening appropriate aghast attrition, at-last reported for expulsion, otherwise Luke still puts Max’s name on the long booting list.
Of course, once Luke has tested each’s thoroughness at tirelessly tender-tanning his trouserless tail to true tears, those allowed to stay will learn his high-born identity and tables are turned, trousers-dropped, thrashing their trembling teen-thrall-tushes to his thorny taste twice-worse ten turns each. Then the three finalists for the frat-floors will take turns tanning each-others tails, till Luke decides which took that in vain, found least frightening fanny-flailer.