Dorm Duo – At Bottom Line

Dorm Duo – Phone Final Mickey

Mickey is back in his fan favorite blue-school uniform for the penultimate release in our long running Dorm Duo series. Caught yet again on his mobile phone when he should be studying he taken to task by Allen with the hand, paddle, metal ruler, carpet beater and strap.



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Dorm Duo – Phone Final Mickey


Title 2257


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1 year ago

Normally, the strict boarding school has a whole hierarchy of staff and trustee spankers, whose ranks and tasks are symbolized by the various implements they wield when baring and beating bashfully-bawling brat-boarding-boys for bad behaviour. During Summer school however, the skeleton school staff shifts wear multiple hats, wielding extra attributes on wayward knave bottoms by day, then delegate ‘all daily discipline’ to boarding monitors, as only one adult staffer sleeps there, as insurance requires, and doesn’t expect to be disturbed after lights out, except in a major emergency, at pain of an all-night flogging half way to hell.
Every evening after the last classes, Allen and his monitor mates, who normally ‘only’ spank by hand or boys belts, referring really-rotten rascals to adult staff for ‘serious flogging’, drop all on ankles in Sir’s room for a sample dozen with each implement entrusted to their discretion till the next day, mean-mounted-mounds-misery motivating them to spare none of the attributes and adolescent ass-arses ample anal-area-agony on their revengefully-relentless rounds. For Mickey and most mutt mates, that means one or two frockless-fanny-floggings a day after/before classes are as good as a given, so they feel it’s only logical to get into some minor mischief like gaming a while before regular rounds, suiting strict Sir looking for a pretext to pants and posterior-pound the poor pups.
Allen for one never fails to flog way-worse than he got at staff Sir’s somewhat-sadistic spanking-samples-session while his abused arse still aches from it. Mickey doesn’t mind it too much, feeling rather like his Confucian home (where he usually gets it on the bare more often and worse even on best behaviour, as all male elder kin routinely remind ‘natural-naughtiness-kneading-needy’ knaves of their humble, spankable place), except when extended eerily-exposed exhibition afterwards, kneeling bare-balls hands-on-head red-reared, normally brief except after really-deserved rigid rebel-rear-punishment, cuts crueller and deeper into his study time then a cane in clothless cur cones, defeating the very purpose of (summer) school studies, which he and his mates respectfully report in writing, if it reoccurs, with smartphone-video-evidence Mickey routinely records, to staff Sir, who must then take the time to thoroughly thrash their trouserless-trembling time-terrorizing teen-tails-tormentor truly thornily tender-tanned in turn, by three-tail-tawse, likely to be demoted and pitilessly picked-on for plenty of pantless-posterior-poundings by his promoted successor. Allen knows better, being the latest-promoted monitor.